Lax Alcohol Policing At CCSU Tailgate

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkins, Staff Writer

At every Central Connecticut football home game, the Arute Field parking lot is a microcosm of American sports culture. And at the pre-game tailgate, fans bring their food, their grills and their alcohol.

But lax policing by the CCSU Police Department the tailgate can be seen as a place for underage kids to drink with impunity.

“I mean, there’s no alcohol. It’s a dry campus as I’m aware, but you know, they’re pretty understanding about it,” sophomore Nathan Christopher said.

The understanding seems to balance on the edge of willful ignorance, as those attending the tailgate aren’t automatically required to present a photo I.D. proving they are of age to drink. Tailgaters must provide an I.D. only when requested.

“The more people you allow to drink out there have a good time. More sales, you’re going to get in there. It looks better for the football team to have a big crowd,” Christopher said. “If you crack down and be a hard-o, no one’s gonna want to go to the games.”

CCSU PD declined an interview, but provided a statement saying, “In keeping with state law, the possession and consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited at CCSU. CCSU Police and Athletics event staff are assigned to major sporting events on campus to enforce the university’s tailgating policy.”

The Student Handbook, however, does not mention anything in regards to a guideline for tailgating. It does, however, cover the campus alcohol policy, stating that the possession and use of alcohol at any athletic contest are prohibited except when approved for use in writing by the president or chief administrative officer.

The handbook also states that BYOB, or Bring Your Own Bottle, is prohibited anywhere on or off of campus. Alcohol in the residence halls is also prohibited.

Dr. Peter Trioano, the Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, declined to comment on the apparent disconnect between the university’s alcohol policy and the tailgate policy.

Without strict guidelines prohibiting the consumption of alcohol at tailgates, it is unclear as to how CCSU will handle future tailgating.