Trick Or Treat At Burritt Library

Natalie Dest , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Join your fellow Central Connecticut students for a “spooky” night of Trick or Treating at Elihu Burritt Library on Tues, Oct. 30. Attendees will have the chance to win numerous prizes and enjoy refreshments by partaking in the “E-Resources Fair.”

The fair includes short demonstrations of some of CCSU’s library’s best tools for research offered to its students. By taking the “fright” out of research, students will leave the fair having a more comfortable relationship with the idea of researching. To make it more interesting, for every demonstration that you attend, you will receive a raffle ticket. If you attend all six demos and get two bonus tickets, you can have up to a total of eight chances to win great prizes, including a brand new iPad.


The possible prizes are listed as follows:

Grand Prize: iPad (32 GB), $10 Gift card to Barnes and Noble (Campus bookstore) and Burritt Library hoodie

First Prize: Kindle Fire 7 (8GB), $5 Gift card to Starbucks and Burritt Library hoodie

Second Prize: $10 Gift card to Barnes and Noble (Campus bookstore) and a Burritt Library t-shirt

Third Prize: $5 Gift card to Starbucks and a Burritt Library mug


So whether you want to Trick or’ Treat alone, with your roommates, or with a couple of friends, make sure to stop by Burritt Library for a night or research and fun.