Kanye West’s Visit To The White House Was Shocking

Kelly Langevin, Assistant News Editor

Kanye West is an interesting character, always going off on some rant that leaves the audience stunned. Half the time, it’s like his brain can’t settle down and is always spinning in circles. He’s known for his tangents about mental health, and now his outspoken personality has visited the White House.

As I watched West’s full speech with President Donald Trump that took place last Thursday, I couldn’t even keep my mind focused on one thing. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, went to the White House before to speak to the president about prison reform.

Johnson, a first-time nonviolent drug offender who had been serving a life sentence since 1996, had Kardashian to thank for her freedom. Kardashian went to the White House and pleaded her case to Trump. He commuted her sentence.

West, on one of his rants, started speaking about Larry Hoover, who is serving life in prison in a supermax prison. Hoover allegedly ran a Chicago gang called the Gangster Disciples and oversaw a $100 million a year illegal drug business from jail, according to The New York Times.

As West spoke more and more, it was like his words weren’t real; it was hard to believe that these sentences were spilling out of his mouth.

“Really the reason they imprisoned him was because he started doing positive for the community, he started showing that he had power, that he wasn’t one of a monolithic voice, that he could wrap people around. It’s very important for me to get Hoover out because in an alternate universe, I am him and I have to go get him free because he was doing positive inside of Chicago, just like how I’m moving back to Chicago,” West said.

As he spoke, Trump sat there nodding almost looking like he wasn’t even paying attention. West is very proud of the hat he wears on top of his head and voiced it to Trump, while again, he just sat there.

“They tried to scare me to not wear this [Make America Great Again] hat, my own friends… But this hat, it gives me power in a way,” West said. He didn’t stop there.

“I love Hillary, I love everyone, but the campaign ‘I’m with her’ just didn’t make me feel like a guy that didn’t get to see my dad all the time like a guy that could play catch with his son. Something about when I put this hat on it made me feel like Superman. You made a Superman, that’s my favorite superhero and you made a superman cape,” West told Trump.

Trump let out a half-smile. As West continued his speech, he showed a picture of a plane to Trump and described that the president needs to have the fanciest things because when he doesn’t look good, the U.S. doesn’t look good.

“[Trump] has to be the freshest, the flyest, the flyest planes, the best factories and we have to make our core be in power,” West said.

As I kept watching, I didn’t even know what I was watching. West spoke about how African Americans get shamed for liking Trump and how blacks have this view that they should be Democrats because Trump is racist. West doesn’t believe in this view, saying, “You think racism can stop me?”

He got up out of his seat, looking somewhat hunched over and looked to his side where more people stood, while Trump just sat comfortably in his chair. The way West spoke and carried himself just felt unreal, like a grown person who can’t sit still.

His visit to the White House actually stunned me. His presence was overly exhausting to keep up with, but I have to admit, it kept me at the edge of my seat wondering why this sort of thing was taking place.