Central Freshmen Feel At Home

Kelly Langevin, Assistant News Editor

Sunday, Aug. 26 marked first-year move-in day for Central Connecticut freshman students. The freshmen moved on from high school and stepped foot onto a college campus and prepared themselves for syllabus week.

Freshman Alexa Milius who is majoring in secondary education for mathematics said choosing Central was the right decision.

“I was looking at schools around the state because I knew I didn’t want to go too far and then, for softball, I was getting recruited by the coaches and it just made the most sense for me,” Milius said.

Milius, who graduated from Thomaston High School with a small class size of 60 students, is now on campus with thousands of new faces. The campus itself is much larger than the familiar high school, which is only one building with classes not too far apart.

“I was most nervous about trying to find where all my classes were, but now I realize that was stupid of me because I know where they are and they weren’t too hard to find,” Milius stated.

Nursing major Liam Krasnowsk also graduated from Thomaston High School and had the academic classroom on his mind as well.

“It took me time to find where all my classes were, but I always made sure I was extra early to all of them so I had time to find where they were,” Krasnowski stated.

Making the adjustment from a small school is not always easy for new students.

“Coming from a graduating class size of about 60 students, the adjustment has been pretty tough, although, I have been able to make new friends,” Krasnowski stated.

“It’s so weird not walking by people and not knowing who they are. I feel like I have to remind myself that not everyone is as friendly as I imagine because I don’t know them and I just can’t go up and say hi to any random person,” Milius said.

Jovahn Brown, who is majoring in Media Studies, graduated from the Science and Technology Magnet School in New London. Although the magnet school has a small enrollment, the transition for Brown was not difficult.

“[Central] was cheaper than other schools, and it’s the perfect size. My actual high school was like 60 people,” Brown said.

Calming down any nerves about making the transition was not too hard for Brown to do. Leaving high school behind and getting new experiences was an excitement for Brown.

“I already knew some people that were coming here. Oh, and freedom, that’s a big thing, I want freedom,” Brown said.

As syllabus week comes to an end, Milius, Brown and Krasnowski have their eyes set towards the future.

“I’m excited to meet new people. I’ll probably join basketball [club or intramural sports] and whatever else seems interesting. I’m definitely going to do stuff,” Brown said.

“I’m just trying to get settled in and I’m excited about the [softball] season and I really want to make new friends,” Milius said.

The first week is over and, for Krasnowski, his time at Central is still looking positive.

“So far, my first week has been pretty great. There seems to always be something to do on campus, I haven’t seen a dull moment yet,” he said.