The Recorder

Hurricane Dorian Makes You Think Twice About Life

Kelly Langevin, Copy Editor

September 6, 2019

"The news says for us to get ready for a Category 4 hurricane. We'll see how the house holds up," my father texted me."We might lose the boat and camper." The storm never reached where my parents are located in Port Charlotte,...

SGA Briefs

Kristina Vakhman, News Photography Editor

September 3, 2019

The Student Government Association meets every Wednesday at 3:05 p.m. in Bellin A and B in the Student Center. These briefs are from the SGA’s meeting on August 28. The Academic Affairs Committee is hosting an Academic Forum o...

New Volleyball Locker Room Shows Steps Towards Gender Equity

Ryan Jones, Sports Editor

September 2, 2019

In the sports world, female athletes and the issues they face are often put into the back court compared to their male counterparts. The locker room for Central Connecticut's volleyball team is a prime example, something Brian Barri...

Has Donald Trump Ever Lied: Yes Or Yes?

Bruna Artigues Villa, Assistant News Editor

September 2, 2019

We have all supported a lost cause once or twice in our life, such as when my little cousin wanted to be a hairdresser and cut half of my aunt’s hair unevenly. I still believed in her. However, you also know a lost cause when...

News In Brief

Sarah Willson, Social Media Editor

September 2, 2019

Connecticut Town Offers Rehab Instead Of Jail Time For Some: The town of Vernon in Tolland County is joining what the Hartford Courant said is a "growing trend" in offering drug addicts treatment rather than jail time. Ve...

College Students Shouldn’t Sacrifice Their Lives For Textbooks

Kelly Langevin, Copy Editor

August 31, 2019

Now that my junior year is finally in gear, I am back to sitting in classrooms with fresh faces eager to know how intense the syllabus may sound and how many hours of sleep we will be losing due to class. It is not the number...

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