Netflix Brings The Culture Back

September 28, 2020

After Netflix launched its “Strong Black Lead” section in February, the anticipation for its release of seven series hits from the ’90s to the 2000s has finally arrived.

On August 1, the trailer began with “Moesha” (1996-2001); the show revolves around the life of a fashionable teen named Moesha [Brandy] struggling with friends, relationships and losing her role as the female head of the household after her dad marries her high school teacher.

“Moesha” has six full seasons that were enough of a binge for the rest of your summer or held you up until September 1 when “Sister, Sister” came in full force.

Many may not know of “Moesha,” but “Sister, Sister” (1994-1999), starring Tia and Tamera Mowry is a classic and where “go home Roger!” all began. In the midst of a hectic shopping day, the long lost twins finally meet each other while arguing with a confused Frenchman over Tia’s “sweat-er” and Tamera’s “sweat-shirt” — you’ll have to watch the very first episode to get that one.

Re-watching the show now as an adult, there are some quite predictable moments from the adopted twins, but there’s you’ll remained entertained by Jackée Harry’s hilarious comebacks and stellar belt collection.

My personal favorite is the timeless classic “Girlfriends,” (2000-2008) starring Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) and her hilarious girlfriends: Maya, Toni and Lynn. We can’t forget William, as he is the only man casted in the series as the main character.

Netflix released the series this month and it has been nothing but greatness — granted the episodes are only 20 minutes. The show is complete as these beautiful women of color portray stories that are just too real to relate to; with Joan as the controlling lawyer, Toni (her best friend) as the Fresno gal that just got rich, free-spirited — and unemployed — Lynn and Joan’s unpunctual, dutiful assistant Maya it’s no wonder the show ran for eight years.

From issues of racism, middle-aged dating, betrayal and just life, the eight season series will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions and make you want to call up your girls and your best guy-friend to get the life advice you didn’t know you needed, or wanted.

Stay tuned for the rest of Netflix’s “Strong Black Leads” coming soon:

  • Oct. 1: The Parkers”
  • Oct. 15: Half & Half”
  • Oct. 15: One on One” 

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