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Sarah Willson, Reporter

February 9, 2020

Connecticut Hospital Taking Precautions As Coronavirus Spreads: Patients with a fever visiting PM Pediatrics Urgent Care in West Hartford will be required to go under a "special screening," a step taken in response to the ...

Former Central Student Who Threatened Mass Shooting Charged With Assault

Isabella Chan, Editor-In-Chief

February 3, 2020

Months after making threats of a mass shooting, a former Central Connecticut student was arrested by Norwalk Police for assaulting his father. Brandon Wagshol, 22, was arrested after pushing his father, Abraham Wagshol, into a wall...

The Impeachment: Game Over

Megan Brawner, Copy Editor

February 3, 2020

Congratulations America! The silly impeachment trial is coming to an end. What began as an inquiry back in October, spun into a partisan mission to impeach President Donald Trump. The 51-49 vote on Jan. 31 prevented additional...

Central’s Carnegie Community Engagement Designation Renewed

Isabella Chan, Editor-In-Chief

February 1, 2020

Central Connecticut has been awarded the Carnegie Community Engagement designation from Brown University. The designation will be for another six years, according to a public statement released by President Dr. Zulma Toro. The exc...

Editorial: Reducing Gun Control Will Only Repeat History

January 27, 2020

Thousands flooded into Virginia's capital of Richmond last week to protest new gun control measures passed by the state's Democratic lawmakers in January. To no surprise, clutched in the hands of most in attendance that day were...

Appearance Does Not Reveal Gender: Normalizing The Use Of Pronouns

Bruna Vila Artigues, Assistant News Editor

January 27, 2020

New gender identities and expressions have been more prevalent in society during the last years, moving away from the stereotypical "male," and "female," or "his" and "her," as the standard. Now, members of society are moving towards...

Editor’s Column: The Census Is America’s Family Photo, So Get in

Isabella Chan, Editor-In-Chief

January 26, 2020

I never understood the purpose behind a Christmas card. Whenever we received one in the mail, my family would question why we received them. Was this someone's not-so-subtle way of showing off their family trip to Cape Cod, or...

Mumps Cases In Connecticut: What You Need To Know

January 20, 2020

Central Connecticut President Dr. Zulma Toro urged students over break to get their MMR Vaccination after a several cases of the mumps were reported in Connecticut. The email from Dr. Toro was sparked by six cases of mumps...

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