Column: Support Shouldn’t End With Winter Break

By Brittany Burke

A week of cramming, staying up late and putting in long hours in front of the computer or in the library is about to begin, but on the other side of that week is what every student has been counting down to since the first day of classes: winter break.

Break means a five week time span with no worries. No homework, no early morning classes, no tests or quizzes and no projects. As a student hands in their last exam and drives away from the CCSU campus the last thing on their mind is coming back to New Britain.

However in the five weeks that we have off students shouldn’t forget that the CCSU campus exists.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams are having the best season starts that either team has had in years, and over break home play is going to pick up.

The student body should still come and support their school, especially if home games are few and far between. The student presence during the fall season hasn’t gone unnoticed by the athletics department.

“I think that’s been great,” said Athletic Director Paul Schlickmann of the campus wide athletic support. “People have been active and engaged in it and it’s caught on on campus and with some of the students. They’ve made up their own t-shirts for the last football game, which I loved and thought was great.”

Having the crowd and the fans around to make noise and cheer on the home team lifts the atmosphere on the field, in the rink or on the court and it gets the athletes pumped during a game. Playing in front of empty stands won’t excite the athletes. Instead they need and deserve to have people on the sidelines to root them on in the clutch.

There are 12 home games for the men’s and women’s basketball teams over winter break and it would be a shame if the only people in the stands were the athlete’s families.

Yes, break is about having fun and for a short while forgetting that school exists, but the brief hiatus shouldn’t include throwing all school pride out of the window.