How To Make September 21 A Night To Remember

Julia Conant, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the band Earth, Wind, and Fire once asked in the lyrics of their most popular song, “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” The average person may not remember, as it is just a day like any other. However, if you want to relate to Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song “September” here are some ideas as to what you could do to make the night so memorable.

Go out with your friends

Sept. 21 falls on a Saturday this year, making it the perfect day to round up the friend group and do something exciting. You could go out to dinner, play laser tag, mini-golf or any other special activity that you guys rarely do together. The point is to make the activity memorable. And who knows? If the friend group enjoys making this Sept. 21 eventful, it could become a yearly tradition.

Ask out your crush

Starting a new relationship is certainly an event worth remembering. Some of you most likely have a cutie you’ve been eyeing in your psychology class or a lab partner you’ve been clicking with. Now is the perfect time to finally ask that special someone if they’d like to hang out. Take them somewhere nice to commemorate the special occasion. Plan a date that both parties will never forget. If you’re already in a relationship, plan a memorable date anyways. Bring back the spark that you two initially had.

Go to a concert

There’s bound to be a concert on a Saturday night. A great way to remember Sept. 21 this year would be to go to one. Support your local music scene by seeing an artist you’ve never heard of before. They just might become your new favorite artist. Then you’ll always remember that night, since it was your very first time hearing them perform live.

Start a new project

No, I’m not talking about that economics project you have been putting off (although you should probably get started on that as well). Most people have a passion project bubbling in their brain that they haven’t quite started yet for one reason or another. If you haven’t gotten the jump on yours yet, why not start it the night of Sept. 21? Start writing your novel, designing your video game, whatever your interest is, pursue it! You will forever remember that Sept. 21 was the day you decided to stop making excuses and get working.

Have a self care day

The beginning of a new semester can be stressful. If you’re starting to feel as though it’s all too much, relax. Take a bubble bath, do a face mask, anything that tends to calm you down. Or simply take one day to focus on anything else but school. Read a book simply for entertainment, flip through old photo albums, or just spend a day doing absolutely nothing. You will always remember Sept. 21 as the day you finally got to destress and do what you want.

One last tip: be sure to play Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September” on repeat the entire day. After all, that song is the whole reason why the day is so prevalent.