Indie Vibes Dominate ‘Peace, Love And C.A.N.’

Julia Conant, Social Media Editor

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On April 22, Central Activities Network celebrated Earth Day by kicking off Spring Week with an indie themed event called “Peace, Love & C.A.N.” All of C.A.N.’s Spring Week events were based around a musical genre, this event being indie. Both the music playlist and activities at the event reflected an indie theme.

There was plenty of food served at the event, including gummy worm dirt cups, which consisted of chocolate and Oreos topped with a gummy worm. This food option was a cute and tasty addition to the Earth Day indie theme.

When students first walked into Alumni Hall, they were signed into the event and told that in order to get a Spring Week t-shirt and beach towel, they had to complete three indie inspired activities offered. Students could create their own lava lamp, glitter tornado, dreamcatcher and potted plant.

In the back left corner of the room, a table was set up for students to make their own lava lamps and glitter tornadoes. The lava lamps were made with oil, water and food coloring while the glitter tornadoes were made with water, dish soap, glitter and food coloring. C.A.N. members stood behind the table willing to help, and instructions were left on the table, making the activity easy and fun for students.

Continuing with the indie theme, students could also make their own dreamcatchers. There were several personalization options for the dreamcatchers, including beads, feathers and multiple colors of string to choose from. While dreamcatcher making was more time-consuming activity than the lava lamps and glitter tornadoes, the results were beautiful and gave students a new decor item for their dorm rooms.

“As tedious as this is, this is my favorite part,” Central Connecticut student Phiron Hin said about the dreamcatcher activity. “It’s probably my favorite because it took a while, so I got to sit around, meet a few new people and talk about our pain together.”

Finally, in honor of Earth Day, students could also take home their own potted plant. Markers and stickers were sprawled out on the table for students to decorate their pot any way they pleased. After the decorating was done, C.A.N. members provided students with soil and a plant of the student’s choosing. With spring still in its infancy and summer crawling closer, making a potted plant was a great idea, as the plants will most likely thrive during this time of year.

Once students completed three of the Peace Love & C.A.N. activities, they could finally grab their Spring Week t-shirt and beach towel. The tie-dye t-shirt displayed headphones, music notes, a record and the Spotify logo, fitting the musical theme of Spring Week. The beach towels were shaped like a record, putting a unique spin on the average rectangular shaped beach towel.

Overall, Peace Love & C.A.N. was a great start to Spring Week, sending students home with handfuls of DIY crafts and Spring Week merchandise.