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A Song For Every Occasion

Tijana Blazevic, Contributor

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Marilyn Manson, singer-songwriter, said it best, “music is the strongest form of magic.”

It is impossible to go a day without bobbing your head to one of your favorite tunes. No matter what mood you may find yourself in, just know, there is a song to get you through it.

Streaming music has made that easier through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Tide.

In November 2017, Nielsen Music conducted a study that proves millennials are the most engaged in music and listen up to an average of 40 hours per week.

Below is a list of the best songs for each life occasion and made sure they were of this era (for the millennials of course.) Take a listen and enjoy these songs and hopefully discover some new ones.

When you’re feeling happy: “Sun Models” by ODESZA

“Sun Models” is the perfect tune for when you find yourself feeling content with your life and, more importantly, in your skin. Featured singer Madelyn Grant provides uplifting vibes throughout with her vocals. Along with the revival beat, it also gives off a summery air and who does not smile at the thought of basking in warmth.

When you need an inspiring tune: “Feel Good” by Gryffin and Illenium ft. Daya

“Feel Good” will make you get out of whatever funk you find yourself in and have you on your feet ready to dance. Gryffin and Illenium are known for their uplifting beats and dance/club like music style and Daya’s voice adds just the right touch of soothing vibes too.

When you’re getting ready to go out: “Body” by Loud Luxury

“Body” will have you dancing and heading out the door for a night out within seconds of pressing play. The fun melody could hype up anyone, no matter their age. The song blew up when it was first released because of its catchy lyrics and danceable beat.

While you’re working out: “Welcome to the Party,” by Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Zahvia Ward and Valentino Khan

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get motivated at the gym. However, if you take a listen to “Welcome to the Party,” I am sure you will be pushing through your workout in no time. The song provides an electric beat, which is in tune with the rap provided by French Montana and Lil Pump. You will find yourself rapping along and getting through your workout.

When you’re falling in love: “Electric” by Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

“Electric” easily takes the spot for this category. Both artists have soothing vocals and provide mesmerizing lyrics for anyone who is starting to fall hard for someone. With lyrics like: “Covered in your water and I’m feelin’ like a summer breeze / Submitted under power and you brought me to my knees,” anyone will start to feel lovey.

When you’re doing homework: “Pacific Sunrise” by Agatha Reilly

Everyone has those days where they can not seem to focus on their homework. That is okay though, I have got you covered. “Pacific Sunrise” is a relaxing piano medley that really draws you in and helps you focus on what you need to get done. This song is also featured in a homework playlist on Spotify.

When you’re angry: “Bury a Friend,” by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a newer artist who provides all genres of music. Her “peculiar” style could place her in a song for each mood if that was a list of its own. However, her latest song, “Bury a Friend,” wins the title for the best song to listen to when you are angry. The song starts off slow and turns into a smashing type beat that will make you want to rage.

When you need a good cry: “The Scientist” by Coldplay

“The Scientist” will have you sobbing like a baby. Even though it came out in 2002, it is easy to relate to when you feel like you are not good enough. The angelic voice of Chris Martin will bring you to your knees. Do not be afraid to cry it out sometimes.

When you’re going through a heartbreak: “Saw You in A Dream” by The Japanese House

Finding a song to relate your feelings after a break up is always difficult. However, I think I have found one that can anyone can relate to. “Saw You in A Dream” starts off with soft and soothing music that will make you sit there and cry, but the lyrics will have you saying: “Yes. Someone finally gets me.”

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A Song For Every Occasion