Central Author Tackles Racism


Julia Conant

Charisse Levchak, an assistant sociology professor, showcased her new book, “Microaggressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution,” at the Central Authors event in the CCSU bookstore.

Julia Conant, Staff Writer


On Wednesday, Sept. 26, the Central Connecticut Bookstore hosted another taping of Central Authors, one of several television shows produced by CCSU.

The talk show gives the authors of the CCSU staff and faculty the chance to share their work with others. Last week’s featured author was Charisse Levchak, an assistant sociology professor. She shared her book, “Microaggressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution.”

In preparation for writing her book, Levchak conducted numerous interviews, surveys and focus groups on whether or not racism is still prevalent in modern times.

She discovered that while macroaggressions in racism are declining, microaggressions are still plaguing our society today. These subtle forms of racism are common, yet hardly discussed.

The purpose of her book is to raise awareness of microaggressions in racism and encourages working together to end racism. Levchak’s book informs readers on how to identify racist behavior because she always tells her students: “We have to name an issue before we can address it.”

Levchak expressed during the taping that “silence has not and will not work.” That is why it is so important for us to allow her book to bring up discussions about racism and what we can do to stop it.

She encourages anyone who sees someone being racist, whether it is explicit or not, to speak up. She also says that solving an issue such as racism is most successful when everyone involved in the situation is open and honest about it.

She pointed out that it is essential to create policies and procedures for targets of racism, so they know that people care about their situation and are there to help.

“Microaggressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution” can be bought in the CCSU bookstore, as well as on Amazon.

The next live taping of Central Authors will be held on Oct. 17 at 12:15 p.m. in the Campus Bookstore.