CCSU Art Gallery Holds Faculty Exhibition

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CCSU Art Gallery Holds Faculty Exhibition

Julia Conant, Staff Writer

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Time and time again we see students being recognized for their talent. But what about the professors that helped the students bring their talents to light in the first place? The Central Connecticut Art Department recognizes these faculty members every other year with a faculty exhibition, where the staff has a chance to display their artwork.

Upon visiting the gallery, students will be greeted by a peaceful atmosphere, similar to that of an art museum. There are two rooms full of both 2D and 3D pieces, all created by various faculty members of the CCSU Art Department.

The exhibition is not only for art students to enjoy. Art major or not, students will be intrigued and impressed by the wide variety of mediums. The faculty of CCSU created art out of everything from clay to watercolor to photography.

A standout piece viewers should come across is the maps made using only blood, created by Ted Efremoff.

Another exhibit favorite was Adam Niklewicz’s “Whistle Blower,” made from a tea kettle and a straw hat, and Melanie Carr’s “Comfort,” made using canvas, stuffing, thread, and staples.

If you have free time between classes, or you’re looking for a fun, free activity to pass the time then I strongly suggest you stop by the Faculty Exhibition. You just might find a piece of artwork created by your favorite professor.

If you want to visit the 2018 Faculty Exhibition, it is open now until Oct. 4, Monday through Friday, 1 PM to 4 PM, on the second floor of Maloney Hall.

Admission is free for students, as well as the public. In addition to the regular hours, there will also be free lectures, where you can hear several artists discuss their work in detail.

The soonest lecture will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 4:45 in the gallery, where David Holzman will discuss his carved and painted artwork. For more information, you can visit