Comeback City

Comeback City


Photo Credit: Google Images

 By Paige Brown

Sunday night was a huge night in sports for Boston fans.  The New England Patriots won in a nail-biter against the  New Orleans Saints and the Boston Red Sox came back from  a huge gap to win 6-5 over the Detroit Tigers.

Fans of Boston teams all around the country were  undoubtably on their feet in anticipation during each game.

The Pats definitely put on a show for their fans in the  stadium and at home on the big screen. Not only did Gronk  yet again miss another game, but Wilfork is now out for the  season, putting the defensive line in jeopardy against the Saints.

During the game, it seemed like all the Pats could do was drop the ball, literally. And as a die hard fan, it kills me to say that our offense is no where near where it used to be last year with Welker and Hernandez. However, the rookies are looking to soon become stars with how they have been playing.

New to the team this season but not new to the game is Amendola. All over Twitter people were tweeting that we should stamp “Fragile” onto his forehead, and after yesterday’s game, I couldn’t agree more. It seems like a normal hit that can be taken by anyone yet knocks out a seasoned player is becoming more and more prominent in Amendola. He was taken off the field and to me, looked pretty confused about the world around him.

Despite all of the injuries and players missing from the game, and again the drops by Edelman and others, the Pats came back in the last ten suspenseful seconds. Tom Brady threw the winning touchdown, caught by rookie Kenbrell Thompkins.

Coming back from a 27-23 loss to a 30-27 win against the Saints, the Pats definitely kept their fans, myself included, on their toes until the last seconds.

After fans and spectators of football Sunday thought they just saw the most exciting upturn of the night, they were stunned again.

The Red Sox, after a grueling season and going 22 innings without any hits, recovered with a grand slam to win against the Tigers.

As many baseball fans know, the Boston Red Sox haven’t been much of a celebratory team this season. Until last night. David Ortiz, better known as “Big Papi” hit a grand slam to help his team towards a much needed ninth-inning win.

After 13 batters being struck out by Detroit pitcher Max Scherzer, Jarrod Saltalmacchia’s single into left field that led in Jonny Gomes is what put the team into the lead.

Both the Pats and the Sox needed these wins and faithful fans were undoubtedly joyful for their teams. As an all around Boston fan myself, I can say that I’m proud to be a fan of both of these teams. And for everyone out there who is not a fan of these teams, you can’t say that both games were not pure sports entertainment…I mean come on, Boston was definitely “Comeback City.”